In therapy, Radically Genuine is reached when one is being truly authentic, communicating freely and openly as equals.

The Radically Genuine podcast strives to do just that. We question areas of mental health, culture, societal norms and what is truly needed to improve the lives of others.

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Dr. Roger McFillin

Co-host. Clinical Psychologist. Board Certified in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology. Coach & Consultant. Author. Entrepreneur.


Kelly Wetherhold

Co-host. Producer. Educational Consultant. Distinguished Educator.

Sean McFillin

Co-host. Advertising Executive. Business Manager. Social Media. Financial Officer.

As a clinical psychologist I have felt restricted by what has become of the American mental health care system. The diagnostic system, restrictions imposed by health insurance companies and the limitations of a traditional psychotherapy hour have stifled opportunities to create meaningful change. As a coach & consultant I work with a select number of clients who are interested in entering into a more flexible, active & dynamic partnership to learn new skills, improve performance, break old life patterns, improve relationships, overcome challenges or simply receive professional advice.


Dr. Roger K. McFillin is a psychologist, entrepreneur, author and co-host of the popular podcast Radically Genuine. He is Board Certified in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology and a Diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. He earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he was the recipient of the Deans Award for Academic Excellence. Dr. McFillin has been outspoken against the current psychiatric diagnostic system, the dangers of prescription psychiatric drug treatments & other cultural trends that are harmful to health and well-being.


  • Co-author of the book Specialty Competencies in Clinical Psychology (2013) from Oxford University Press
  • Authored numerous book chapters as an expert in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders, including those published in the Handbook of Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches in Primary Care (2010) from Springer Press and the SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology (2017)


  • Featured as an expert on national media outlets including Time Magazine, National Public Radio (NPR), & countless podcasts


If you are motivated and would like to be considered, please send a brief email describing your current situation and needs for coaching or consultation.

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Performance coaching is a broad term that encapsulates any desire to improve your quality of life through direct behavioral change to improve work, school or sports performance; diet, lifestyle or sleep interventions; overcoming worry & fear; or improving social & communication skills.

Performance coaching is an active process of goal setting and skill building utilizing the most current behavioral & nutritional science.


Has insecurity, jealousy or difficulty trusting impacted your ability to form intimate and lasting connections? Do you avoid intimacy or struggle to understand why you push away romantic partners?

Relationship coaching can assist in better understanding these specific interpersonal patterns, develop skills to regulate intense emotions & improve interpersonal & communication skills.


The challenges of modern parenting have never been so complicated. Smart phone dependence, exposure to social media, a drug culture and other cultural trends that undermine resilience & capabilities create unprecedented challenges. I will help you clarify your values and learn important behavioral principles to apply to the most challenging of situations.I rely upon my expertise in behavioral psychology & child development, as well as my own experience in raising 3 kids.